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Name: Sunboyz.Tk
Serial Number: 8CORE4508b0b04a7182792011830b09c4082b3f40
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Download stream media (MMS, RTSP) with resuming capability perfect Live Broadcast Manager(LBM) and convenient to record radio tutorial...
Record SHOUTcast showcase(www.shoutcast.com) tutorial...
Support MMS/RTSP multi-Threads Download, increase your MMS/RTSP download speed by up to 500%
Zip Preview - view the contents of Zip files before download tutorial...
Zip Extract - download & extract specific files from zip archive tutorial... Analysis Mms/Rtsp url address tutorial...
Collect all BBC Radio, ITunes and other radio in HiDownload
Search mp3
HTTP/FTP/SOCKS proxy management
Flexible batch job methods to download multiple files
Browser integration
Download categories

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